Stephanie came highly recommended and we learned, very quickly after meeting her, why. She was highly responsive, reliable and kept it real for us. My family was in search of a particular home within a set price range and Stephanie worked very hard to find us exactly what we were looking for. At one point we visited a house that was above our price range and it wasn’t exactly what we had envisioned. But my husband and I were worried we wouldn’t find the exact home we wanted so instead, we were willing to settle and pay more than we had planned. Stephanie encouraged us not to over-pay, be patient and stay focused on finding our dream home. We truly can’t thank her enough for that! Not only did she find us our dream home, we purchased it for significantly below asking price. What real estate agent does that?! A very successful one who isn’t in the business to focus on her own profit, rather to help customers find exactly what they’re looking for. We highly recommend Stephanie to anyone!!

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