Staging a Kitchen to Sell

The Kitchen is a main selling feature for many home buyers. Unfortunately, if your kitchen is outdated or unappealing it can turn off potential buyers quickly. Many people are looking for move-in ready kitchens. If you’re considering selling soon, and you’re not prepared or able to invest a lot of money to upgrade your kitchen, we’ve got you covered. 

Even if your kitchen is in great shape, we have included some tips to make your kitchen even more appealing! You want your kitchen to stand out for the rest. 

Here are a series of affordable investment updates and home staging tips to transform your space and prepare it for the competitive local real estate market. 


#1 Clear the Counters

When staging your home for sale you want to depersonalize and declutter to maximize and highlight your home. Clear off the counters and remove any small appliances, spices, containers, personal items etc. It’ll open up the entire kitchen and showcase the counter space. 


#2 Refresh the Cabinets

You don’t need to invest in entirely new cabinets if your current cabinets are still in good shape. If they are outdated a fresh coat of paint and new hardware goes a long way! Go with a neutral colour that compliments the countertops and floor, such as a white or grey. Light colours open and brighten the space up. 


#4 Brighten Up

Lighting can make all the difference when selling your home. Consider adding modern lighting fixtures, bonus if it’s energy efficient. Also could your curtains or blinds use a clean or an update – how can you get more light into the space? Utilize letting in plenty of natural light. 


#5 Clean Machine

A deep clean goes a long way. Make sure the kitchen is spotless. Don’t forget to clean the floors, cupboards, lighting, windows and underneath tables and appliances. Tackle any stains, chips or odors. 


#6 Staging Tips

Keep your Kitchen staging minimal. Here are some ideas: 

  • Accessorize the stove – add a pretty pot or tea kettle on the stove as a Memory Point
  • Add brand new tea towels
  • Style any open shelving with plants, art, or nice dishes
  • Set your island or dinner table
  • Optional staging items include: a cookbook and stand, wooden cutting board, clear jars with beans or noodles, or a fresh bowl of fruit


#6 Bring in the Greenery

Elevate your kitchen with a bouquet of flowers, greenery and/or succulents for a refreshing and natural feel. 


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