Ready, Set, Show

With the power of the RE/MAX brand behind you, you’ll be in a good position to bring visibility to your home’s listing. Before you do, a little preparation is in order.



To achieve the best possible financial outcome, your home needs to be prepared to make an excellent first impression. Boosting your home’s appeal does not necessarily require a large financial investment – just a makeover for your market.


This is the first and most lasting impression your home will create, coloring perceptions of the interior. Take the time to make this area clean and inviting. Re-paint faded and worn exteriors, trim up your lawn and garden, and spruce up any potential eye sores with fresh flowers/plants.


Walls can be a key selling point for buyers try to visualize the house as theirs, so replace the wallpaper or paint any that will not help them see that future. Make sure the knobs, doors, and switches are all in proper working order. Remove clutter from counters and cabinets so that buyers have the best possible perspective on how easily they will be able to accommodate their belongings.
Not sure where to start? Let our team help you achieve your real estate goals today! We promise to help you navigate and understand the buying and selling process, by sharing our wealth of expertise, knowledge, and resources.
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