Closed Cabinets vs. Open Shelves

Closed Cabinets vs. Open Shelves

If you’re thinking about renovating your kitchen, you may be wondering whether to go with traditional closed cabinets or trendy open shelves! You can’t go wrong with either option, but you will want to consider your personal lifestyle and daily habits.

Before you make your choice, consider these things:



➡️ more affordable to install

➡️ you can show off your dishware & style

➡️ minimalist living


➡️ less storage

➡️ your dishes and personal items are on display (unattractive items may have nowhere to go)

➡️ may require more regular cleaning and organizing to maintain aesthetic




➡️ cabinets protect your dishes from dust

➡️ offer plenty of storage space and privacy

➡️ maintain a clean and tidy look


➡️ they take up space, kitchen feels smaller

➡️ more expensive to install

➡️ easier to add clutter and hide messes


Which would you choose? 

☑️ Closed Cabinets

☑️ Open Shelving

☑️ No shelving at all

☑️ A bit of both

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By: Danielle Folkerts

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