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I have had the privilege of knowing and working with...

As a real estate industry consultant, I interact with a lot of real estate brokers and agents. I have also bought and sold a lot of properties over the last 35 years. Brian is one of the top real estate brokers I have had the privilege of knowing and working with.

His level of integrity, honesty, candor and industry knowledge is unequaled. I highly recommend Brian as a professional REALTOR.

, Sammamish, WA

We recommend him to everyone...

We are writing to express our pleasure with real estate agent Brian Leavitt, who represented us in our purchase of our first single-family home. Brian guided us through the entire process, from loan prequalification to searching for (many!) houses to making the offer and closing the deal.

We credit Brian with a smooth, stress-free home-buying experience. This was our first purchase of property, and never had we expected to have had such a pleasurable experience. Brian has wonderful integrity, sound advice, is personable and knows the market inside and out.

We never could have gotten our dream home without him. To reiterate, we are nothing but pleased with Brian and his expertise and we recommend him to everyone.

, Issaquah, WA

You want Brian on your side...

Over the years of working with Brian I’ve experienced firsthand how well he serves his clients. From negotiating tough transactions to making sure his clients best interests are taken care of. He can do this better than others because he’s an authority in the real estate industry.

Doesn’t matter if you’re buying or selling or wanting a mortgage you want Brian on your side. 

, Issaquah, WA

I strongly recommend Brian...

I have hired Brian for numerous real estate transactions including selling houses, buying houses and handling the financing. I have found Brian to be ethical beyond industry standards and very, very helpful.

In particular, I like that Brian just calls a spade a spade. No blowing smoke at you. He is only interested in having everything work out for his clients in an ethical way. Not only have I used Brian several times, I have referred him to several friends. Additionally, my daughter has used him in the purchase of her first property.

I strongly recommend Brian and would be happy to refer him to others.

, Sammamish, WA

Brian's integrity is second to none...

Brian helped us explore the options that were available for our specific situation as it related to our home. His explanations were simple and timely. I was struggling with the fact that I was not sure selling our home was what we really needed to be doing for our financial situation. He helped us research to sell or refinance our home. This helped us not to uproot our lives and force our children into a new school.

His client care style is he takes the time to do the “little things” that built our confidence in growing our relationship as customer and client. Brian has a network of contractors who he can recommend to a new home owner when those every day repairs seem to be overwhelming and not knowing where to find help. Brian’s integrity is second to none.

, Issaquah, WA

Top of the line...

Brian Leavitt was our broker in the sale of our home in Issaquah. His service was top of the line and we ended getting the asking price for our home. Near the end of closing there were a few problems on the part of the buyer. Brian, by working with the buyer, his broker and the buyers bank was instrumental in getting the sale closed.

We would highly recommend Brian to anyone wanting their best interests looked after, to get top dollar for their home and getting the sale closed.

, Issaquah, WA

You are so far above...

You are so far above 95% of the brokers out there!

, Sammamish, WA

Best decision we ever made...

Last June we were referred to Brian by a friend when we mentioned that we were thinking of selling your home. We had already interviewed another broker but decided based on the strong recommendation of our friend to talk to Brian as well. Best decision we ever made!

Brian’s market strategy put is in a position to get multiple offers on our home. Of course we realize the market at the time was a significant impact for this to happen but Brian’s expertise was clearly evident when he positioned us to get the highest offer possible and gracefully maneuver to the transaction so as not to offend the buyers who are unsuccessful in their bids.

It is important to us to treat each and every family who is interested in our home respectfully and honestly. Quite frankly hello we wanted to get the most money we could we were hesitant to start a bidding war because we simply don’t like the adversity. Brian’s skill was such that he was able to handle this in a way that was appropriate and respectful to all parties!

, Issaquah, WA

Brian took an innovative approach...

Simply put selling our home with Brian Leavitt at Northstone Real Estate is like nothing else we’ve ever experienced!

Over the years we have moved numerous times for work and family. We typically found the process to be stressful and difficult at best. Brian took an innovative approach and constantly worked to make the process as easy and as seamless as possible for us each and every step of the way. Brian’s depth of the real estate scratch that Brian’s depth of knowledge in real estate and mortgage gave us the confidence we needed to relax and let him handle the transaction. Each step of the way he educated us and gave us tips and advice that reassured us we were doing the very best with our transaction.

, Sammamish, WA

Efficient, Professional, Friendly Service!

Efficient, Professional, Friendly Service!

Brian Leavitt has been a consistent source of professional real estate transactions in our 22 year relationship. Brian has provided 3 streamlined real estate transactions and is our ‘go-to’ for creative, ‘can-do,’ full-service property deals. He’s always a phone call away, keeping buyers and sellers happy with his business integrity and results.

With Brian’s assistance, we have purchased our home, a condo and sold that same condo. Each time, he made the process easy, fluid, and tailored to our timeline. We appreciate this customized, consistent service!

, Issaquah, wA

These are the people you need to work with...

Brian helped us buy our dream home as first time home buyers with VA financing on a short sale that was 2 days from auction when we submitted our offer. Brian has exceptional knowledge of the real estate industry and the local area. He helped with all aspects of the purchase from financing, inspections, negotiation, and more.

I will use Brian in my next home purchase and selling of my current home. Throughout the process, we never lost confidence as he was always there for us when we needed him.

, Issaquah, WA

Brian helped us buy our dream home...

Brian helped us buy our dream home as first time home buyers with VA financing on a short sale that was 2 days from auction when we submitted our offer. Brian has exceptional knowledge of the real estate industry and the local area. He helped with all aspects of the purchase from financing, inspections, negotiation, and more. I will use Brian in my next home purchase and selling of my current home. Throughout the process, we never lost confidence as he was always there for us when we needed him

Service provided: Sold a Single Family home in 2010 for approximately $250K Snohomish, WA
Street address: Snohomish, WA

, ~ Snohomish, WA ~

I have never seen a more professional and driven team of people...

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate everything you have done for me.
Truly an angel sent from heaven. I will always remember you : ) Blessings to you and yours!

, Issaquah, WA

You would be perfect to help us...

Brian Leavitt was a “turn-key” realtor for us. He helped us buy the best house for us, find the best mortgage rate available, and sold our house for the best price! Brian really listened to our “wants” and helped us find the perfect house for us within our budget. Before we ever looked at a single property, Brian sat down with us and helped us put together a budget. Once we found our “dream house,” Brian did a great job of negotiating a fair market sale price on the house we purchased.

As a mortgage broker, Brian knew all the best interest rates on the various loans available and helped us through the loan application process. Brian Leavitt shared a comprehensive market report with us on the house we would sell. He helped us set a fair market sale price. We sold our house in one day with 12 offers. We actually sold the house for $17,000 more than list price. Brian stayed with us beyond move-in day. He was a helpful source for contractors, movers, landscapers, etc. Brain Leavitt more than earned his commission!

I’ve recommended Brian and Northstone Real Estate to my friends.

, Sammamish, WA

Outstanding team of realtors!

Brian and his Team at Northstone Real Estate are second to none!

My Girlfriend and I were interested in purchasing our first home together. After being introduced to Brian by a mutual friend we knew he was the person for us. He was always available to us and truly had our best interests at heart. As a first time home buyer I had many questions and he answered them all diligently and in depth. I am confidant that Northstone Real Estate is the best option for Buying or Selling a home in the Greater Seattle Area. I know when it comes to buying another home or selling we will be contacting Brian again.

, Issaquah, wA